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Freedom Writers Working Meetings

November 2024 may be our last election. Join us as we write postcards to our neighbors asking them to vote Democratic for our freedoms and our futures—the freedom to choose our leaders, to control our own bodies and futures, and to work and live in communities safe from crime and pollution.

Help us focus our voters on the economy, our freedoms, and democracy, while the well-funded disinformation and anger machine works overtime to shape the narrative of this general election with racist ‘invasion’ and ‘poisoned blood’ language.

We’ll meet 4th Thursdays and hold postcards to send in the fall! See you there and bring a friend!

Los Jimadores Tex-Mex Tequila Factory
3314 Harwood Road, Bedford, 76021

May 23
June 27
July 25
August 22
September 26

6:00 pm to eat, visit
7:00 pm meeting

Burning Issues: Progress Texas Climate Justice Town Hall

Together, let’s take an in depth look at Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) operations in Texas and the major health risks, environmental damages, and real costs of prioritizing Big Oil and Gas profits over people.

John Beard, Port Arthur Community Action Network
Elida Castillo, Chispa TX
Emma Guevara, Sierra Club
Naomi Yoder, Bullard Center for Environmental and Climate Justice

Progress Texas is a rapid response media organization promoting progressive messages and actions.

Register today for the Thursday, May 9, 12pm town hall.

October Meeting — Ballot Props

IT’S ALMOST TIME TO VOTE! No, 2024 hasn’t come early, but just because it’s not the general election yet doesn’t mean we don’t get to flex our civic muscles and help shape the direction of our cities and state!

This November, (and later this month if you’re an early voter) Texans have a lot of hard choices to make, and Progress Texas is here to help provide recommendations through their voter guide for state-wide initiatives. 

Join us at our October meeting when Kathleen Thompson, Progress Texas Executive Director, explains the 14 propositions coming to a ballot near you! See you there and bring a friend!

Thursday, October 26
6:00 pm to eat, visit
7:00 pm meeting

* location change

Tony’s Pizza & Pasta
3320 Harwood Road, Bedford, 76021
Next door to Los Jimadores

Rep. Bhojani’s Resolution

Thanks to Rep. Salman Bhojani for his 88th legislative session debrief and Q & A with our members and guests at our July meeting.

Rep. Bhojani surprised our group with a generous and supportive resolution recognizing the dedication and advocacy of The Mid-Cities Democrats in our community and state!

What an unexpected honor! 

August 2023 Meeting—Paxton Postcards

The Senate trial of our impeached and suspended Texas Attorney General begins soon. Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office has been riddled with fraud, corruption, and misinformation for years.

Now, the Texas House has published nearly 4,000 pages of evidence to convict, including a burner phone, secret email account, and fake Uber account to hide his relationship with donor Nate Paul to support 20 articles of impeachment including bribery, abuse of office, and obstruction.

Join us at our August meeting for Democratic fellowship and fun as we write postcards to our state senators urging them to do their duty. See you there and bring a friend!

Thursday, August 24
6:00 pm to eat, visit
7:00 pm meeting

Los Jimadores Tex-Mex Tequila Factory
3314 Harwood Road, Bedford, 76021