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August 2023 Meeting—Paxton Postcards

The Senate trial of our impeached and suspended Texas Attorney General begins soon. Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office has been riddled with fraud, corruption, and misinformation for years.

Now, the Texas House has published nearly 4,000 pages of evidence to convict, including a burner phone, secret email account, and fake Uber account to hide his relationship with donor Nate Paul to support 20 articles of impeachment including bribery, abuse of office, and obstruction.

Join us at our August meeting for Democratic fellowship and fun as we write postcards to our state senators urging them to do their duty. See you there and bring a friend!

Thursday, August 24
6:00 pm to eat, visit
7:00 pm meeting

Los Jimadores Tex-Mex Tequila Factory
3314 Harwood Road, Bedford, 76021