State of Union Watch Party and January Meeting

State of the Union Watch Party and January Meeting

Tuesday, January 20th at 7 pm @ Los Jimadores in Bedford

First off, please note that we’ll be meeting on Tuesday this month instead of Thursday — please mark your calendar appropriately! With the President’s State of the Union speech before Congress just two days shy of our regular meeting, we felt it would be a great opportunity to bring us together to have a quick business meeting first and switch to the two TVs in the room. You’ll have food, drinks, and great company to cheer on the President as he sets forth his agenda for this year!

For 2015, we’ve already started off the year right with a wonderful Forward 2015 New Year’s Celebration event on January 3rd. Many of your fellow Democrats arrived to show their enthusiasm for taking on this off-election year. For Mid-Cities Democrats, we will remain focused on building the organization, identifying and supporting local candidates, and furthering the engagement of Democrats to their precincts. We’ve got some great ideas to keep people involved throughout the year, and I’ll give a glimpse into some of those when we do the business meeting portion of our night on Tuesday night.

To book your calendar for the State of the Union Watch Party and Meeting via Facebook, please see our FB event here:

If you’d like to get involved in a committee, we welcome all help and support.  From membership growth to fundraising, we want you to feel a sense of ownership with YOUR club.  If you’d like to be seated on a committee, please contact me or any board member directly.

Speaking of membership, are you a 2015 member of MCD?  Please remember that membership resets on January 1 of each year.  You can renew your membership at the door on Tuesday night or use our renewal page on the MCD website found here:

Thank you to everyone who makes this club successful!  I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces on Tuesday.

Democratically Yours,

Clancy Cummings
President, Mid-Cities Democrats

November 2014 Geneneral Meeting

Wednesday, November 19, 7 pm @ Los Jimadores in Bedford

Hi everyone! Let me start this message by announcing the date change for our November meeting. It is being held on Wednesday(!!), November 19 due to the Thanksgiving holiday on our regular meeting week. We’ll still be meeting at Los Jimadores as usual, and the meeting kicks off at 7:00. The focus of this month’s meeting is to hear from our local Democratic Party candidates, and most of those you supported have confirmed their attendance. Please come by, give your thank you’s, hear their stories of the campaign trail, and learn how we can all work differently next time for stronger results.

In club business, I am proud to announce our lineup for of the club board for 2015. As many of you know, Shelley Morales (Secretary) and Chris Hilbert (Fundraising Chair) are retiring from club leadership, and we thank them for their time and efforts over the years they have been serving as they have been dedicated to our club and to the causes we endeavor to champion. At our October meeting, we closed nominations for all positions, and we were able to hold a vote of acclamation to confirm each role. Replacing Shelley and Chris on the board will be Marva Allums and Richard Gaca, respectively. I’m excited to work with these two amazing individuals! Closing out the board will be Sean Hayward returning as Treasurer, Gary Livingston returning as Vice President, and myself returning as President.

2015 promises to be a year of rebuilding, both for the club coffers and for progressive causes. Please make sure you’re still a member in good standing by paying you annual $20 in club dues. Links below. Also, book your calendar for Saturday, January 3 for our New Year celebration!  More details to come, but we’re planning a pot luck dinner and party as part of a club re-enrollment event. Once we have a few more pieces finalized, I’ll send out a more detailed event listing, but until then, save the date as it will be a fun night!

If you’d like to get get a head start on renewing your dues, please click one of the links below:

To join as a Sustaining Member (monthly donation), please click:
To join as a regular member ($20 annually), please click:

Looking further down the road, we will be holding our Jim Wright Scholarship dinner in September. Anyone wishing to volunteer on the scholarship committee or dinner committee, please email me directly. We’d love your involvement in this wonderful cause and event!

Thank you all for an amazing year. We have our challenges to face, but as Democrats, we must hold our heads up high and keep looking ahead.

See you Wednesday.

Democratically Yours,
Clancy Cummings
President, Mid-Cities Democrats

Thank You All

As I’m writing this message tonight, about 24 hours after the polls closed, I know we’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the yesterday’s election results. As we do, I want us all to be thankful for the candidates who stepped up to the plate — candidates who put their hearts and souls into their campaigns. I personally see them as an inspiration, as they are the ones to go out and not just work on behalf of Democrats but for the people of this great state. We know this area is tough — that’s nothing new to any of us. It is an uphill battle from day one.  Yet our candidates fought tough and did what so few others have been willing to do.

So, to our local Democratic candidates — Tina, Libby, Cole, Nancy, Susan, Mark, Patrick, Gregory — THANK YOU. When I voted and saw the very many unopposed Republicans on the ballot, it made me appreciate your efforts even more. Thank you, on behalf of Mid-Cities Democrats, for being there for us.

Our next MCD meeting is Thursday, Nov. 20 at Los Jimadores. I’m extending a welcome to all of our family of candidates to come by and share with us their experiences of the election. To our MCD members, please come by yourself and give your thank you’s to those who worked so hard – the candidates, their staff, the block walkers, the donors, the phone bankers, and all. As progressives, we can only move forward.

I’ll have another message out next week detailing club business, but until then, see you on the 20th.

Democratically Yours,

Clancy Cummings
President, Mid-Cities Democrats